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I think it's more that the people who live and breathe tech are the ones most likely to talk about it and their experiences. The kind of people who come in, put in their 40 hours, then rarely think about code again until the next 40 hours aren't going to be writing blog posts and chatting your ear off about an article they read about the new Java features coming out.

I didn't really have internet until college (in 2010/2011) so I only kind of accidentally got into tech stuff after graduation. My high school had one computer class, and that was to teach Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to freshmen so they could do assignments. There was no firey passion for circuit boards or web apps in that town. I had a professor in college that loved how math intertwines with tech (he taught all the database courses) so he suggested I apply at the tech office where I still work now. I've since learned to like it :P


That's great! Very interesting, thank you for sharing your story with us :)

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