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Discussion on: You can get a new job 30% faster

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ItsASine (Kayla)

When you put a face with an application it increases your chances of hearing back about the position because they feel a closer connection to you. You aren't just another faceless resume.

Only do this if you actually have something substantial to offer for the interaction. No strong candidate should be hitting up a hiring manager just to chat. If you have questions about the job, read the description. If you have questions about the company, read their site. They may even have a site for the specific location you're applying to if it's a big company with lots of locations. If there's something industry related you want to talk about, cool, bring it up in the inverview rather than contact them yourself.

Cold contacting someone to ask something menial is obvious that you're trying to circumvent the process and put a voice to the application. You shouldn't need to be explicitly told not to bother the hiring manager. You applied, the ball is in their court now, move on to the next one.