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Have fun!

I've tried doing it in the past, but since I write Javascript tests for 8+ hours a day, I'd end up not wanting to dive into anything different at night. Even just commiting to 30ish minutes a day of something codelike outside of work didn't work since that didn't feel like enough to make progress on anything. And then grad school started, so I had even more excuses and less time.

I'd like to try it again, but I don't think do x for y days works with me. Maybe work on z every week. That way I could cram it all on a Saturday and still feel accomplished despite playing Guild Wars 2 Sunday through Friday.


If I coded for a full day I doubt I'd take the challenge either. I wouldn't like need to, either. For me it's about getting some hours in towards my 10,000 hours of mastery.


The issue is that I don't feel married to software QA, so it would be nice to branch out and learn more than the Jasmine flavor of Javascript. So I love the idea of learning a skill over 100 days! Especially when at work it feels like there's no new challenge since I only need to know my little framework of one language, so it doesn't feel like 8 hours of progress towards anything skillful.

So I try to do all the things and then I get sleepy and it falls off pretty quick :P

"I get sleepy and it falls off pretty quick" -- I know how you feel 😂

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