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I know this wasn't supposed to be my takeaway from this, but I have a question.

The company "splurges" on the good beer, and you get a canned coca-cola. Maybe also "splurge" on the fancy sodas, or have a fancy mocktail, or something else at your event.

What are fancy pops out there for this? I never considered that there was a parallel of "good" craft beer and local pop or something like that. A Mountain Dew is just as quenchy to me as something from the local cider house, so this makes me wonder if I'm missing out on some pop culture options (edit: pop as in soda pop not 'pop culture').

RE: the actual post, I try to be mindful with non-alcohol drinking members of the team (1 due to being very open about his previous history with wine and 1 due to religious observation). I pick places for after work get-togethers with good food as well as good drinks, and call it "Fuck this release" or "Not Work" in the meeting invites instead of happy hour, but idk if this seems too forced to include the others or if it hits a good balance.

I also plan it out weeks in advance so the people with families can try to plan to join via spouse or babysitters. We have plenty of spouses who tag along too, so awesome! The events are meant to unwind without the bureaucracy of work, so the more the merrier. Drinking alcohol or no, coworker or no, it shouldn't matter.


Oddly enough, if you go to your local ACE Hardware store, they generally have a section of nothing but old-timey craft sodas. I'm sure there's other places to buy craft sodas, but it's an easy start finding them.


Yep! Also a lot of grocer's have a section for the fancy sodas, you just have to know to look, and where.


It looks from their store locator that there are a couple in shopping plazas in the suburbs. I'll have to remember that the next time I'm out of the city, thanks!


That's in my opinion, the most important take away from this, as it means I could one day meet you and get free fancy soda at an event. :P

Here in Kansas City we have a specialty soda shop with like 1000 varieties to build a six pack from. Its great. There are so many options you have never even heard of! Mr. Q is a cucumber soda that will change your life, there's blueberry soda, a fancy root beer ginger beer mix that is soooo fricken good, a sparkling water like La Croix, but crazy flavors like Cardamom and Bitters that are awesome. So much cool things like that, and a lot of towns seem to have things like this. But even something like the fancy Coca-Cola in the glass bottles with the real sugar is nice to see at an event!

This all said, Mt. Dew is my go to, and I would gladly be hooked up to a hose of it, human centipede style, because I love it. (Maybe not actually that style)


My company is quite large and has a corporate no open alcohol policy, so I'll never be in an official event that goes beyond water. If I did, though, I'd totally utilize this newfound knowledge of local pop. At the very least, now I can organize after-hours events around if a place has Red Ribbon pop.

This all said, Mt. Dew is my go to, and I would gladly be hooked up to a hose of it, human centipede style, because I love it. (Maybe not actually that style)

Really it's just all about efficiency here ;)

I'd like to say I'm not proud of that comment, but I am.


There's a lot of really great smaller brand sodas out there. If you happen to be in Los Angeles there's a place called Galco's Soda Pop Stop that's absolutely chock full of them, and in some other cities there's a store called Rocket Fizz with a more limited, but still better than mass market soda selection.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of O So's butterscotch rootbeer, and Soda Boy's strawberry cream. There are some rose sodas that are pretty good as well, and a bunch of neat Ramune flavors that come in a glass bottle sealed with a marble you pop out of the top.

I ordered a box of sodas from Galco's to the office once and used them as prizes for a silly little code review contest. I think it went over pretty well


Not quite in LA, though it looks like my area has a shop that sells regional pops from around the country. I'll have to make a trip out there to give it a shot!

Apparently, Red Ribbon pop is a Pennsylvania brand, too. I had assumed it was a chain thing and never tried it.


Is Galco's the place that Tom Scott did a video on once? If so, my dream is to make a pilgrimage there with a U-Haul truck. :P So many fancy, cool things to try!

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