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Late to the party, but I have a book at home actually titled "Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?" (the answer is yes, for what it's worth)

Since interviews are two ways, yes, be yourself to the interview. If they have issues with your appearance, they can opt to not extend an offer. You wouldn't want to work at a place that dislikes your style anyway. It may mean applying to smaller companies or small departments within large companies, but it will help you find a match better for you. At least in my company, I've not seen judgements about clothes, tattoos, piercings, alt hair, etc other than the one time a manager ranted on LinkedIn about the meaning behind his palm tat. And the gossip from that was minimal :P


Thanks for sharing your experience! I've actually had a couple of interviews since I wrote this and despite my look they both went great.

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