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re: Look out in June for when I get to reading and commenting on all your old articles :D

I try to keep my Reading List to the purest form of just stuff to read. Once read, it gets unsaved and then heart or unicorn reacted. So my end goal has always been Reading List (0) since that means I got to everything I wanted to do. Like an Inbox Zero workflow.

In the spirit of the archive/buckets, I was keeping a Gitlab snippet for me to store links and comments so I could come back to it if there was something that interested me. Like "Awesome portfolio examples", "Good use of linters", "I still don't know wtf map and filter do" (I think I saved every dev.to article on JS tips purely due to map...). All that's been moved to Pocket so it's just a button click away, but I need to figure out how to comment in Pocket (I think Recommending it would do that).

Functionally, I could see me moving my Pocket stuff back to dev.to and archiving those as things to be saved but not in my face to read, but having played with that feature with your post on the Social Network soundtrack, seeing it still bookmarked is going to bug me. Especially since I think I have probably 100 things from the dev.to domain in Pocket.

My current Reading List workflow, as arguably a power user:

  1. Go to Reading List
  2. Open a handful of articles in new tabs, prioritizing new articles in tags I mod or short things that may need a comment to help boost them up :)
  3. Read article
  4. Remove bookmark reaction
  5. React appropriately
  6. Comment if the article isn't too old for the comment to be relevant or helpful
  7. Move on to the next tab
  8. When done with those tabs, refresh Reading List
  9. Repeat

So it's not like I'm unsaving from the Reading List view -- I'm removing the reaction that no longer applies since I now have a new reaction to the post, all in the article view.

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