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re: Same cat tower!!

It's the best! As my boys went from 2lb kittens to 12-16lb chubchubs, this is the only tower that's withstood their playing (though we live close enough to a Home Depot that it's easy to get more rope to repair the scratchers)

I must admit, ours definitely needs repairs! 😹


... and upon further look, our cat towers may be slightly different, but dang close!

Oh jeez, yeah go get a staple gun and some sisal rope haha. Or my lazy fix: most of the tiers have the same sized pole, so reassemble it with the well-loved ones on top or in the back.

We finally retired our PetCo trees but now we have 2 Go Pet Club and 1 Amarkat. All 3 needed scratcher updates since 12lb cat likes vertical scratching. 16lb cat just wants the cheap cardboard horizontal ones.

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