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Discussion on: What's the deal with downing PHP development?

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Darryl Norris

I'm trying to wrap my head around why so many developers down PHP development like it is a second class language?

There are a lot of people that explains why so I am not going to repeat it again.

However, if you are just doing PHP on a low scale or have an API on low scaled PHP could be an amazing tool. On a large scale website/API, PHP might be hard to manage. In addition, a lot of popular CMS/frameworks written in PHP they focus more on having nice tools and performance is not the main priority.

Secondly, what are the better alternatives for web development?

PHP is great for web development; however, if you are trying to do any type of heavy back-end process PHP might not be the best option for it. I would not recommend NodeJS either for other reason than I am not going to get today.

If you need to do any type of heavy processing, I will recommend Go, Scala or Java.