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Day 43: Bye Material UI!

Last week I saw a project of a friend of mine that used Material UI with React and I thought it was so cool and fast so I decided to use it in my current personal project, I planned to use Tailwind CSS before, and I changed to Material UI until today after spending a whole day learning about to see that it's not suitable with this current project. I hated the fact that I had to import a lot of stuff just to do a simple thing and some of the components looked too generic for me that I may need CSS to customize them anyway. I will not use it for this project but maybe something in the future as it's not a bad framework per se.
So tomorrow I will be back to Tailwind probably write an article about setting up Tailwind CSS in a react project. so we'll see
Today I had to sleep earlier as it's a weekend :)

signing off...

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