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Discussion on: Hiding API Keys in Your Code

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Ivana Croxcatto Author

Hi Kevin! How can you have the API Key? If I understand your question correctly, the API Key is something provided by the API you are using, not related to netlify or heroku. It is something you get from the API, and usually explained in the API documentation.
If you mean how to hide your API Key if you are not using netlify or heroku, I think it depends (and there are folks here with much more experience than me that can help us both with that!). In my case, I am using zeit (or vercel, which is similar to netlify or heroku) to be able to show my code but these are still mock projects, not really apps that people would use.
You can read the comments in the thread for this post, as other programmers are suggesting great ideas on how to actually hide the API key from server side, serverless functions, etc. and they might be of great help!