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Julia Biro

Oh hey! 😊

I'm Julia, proud mom of @DevRelAvocados and all sorts of πŸ₯‘shenanigans @nexmodev .
In the past couple of weeks I've been dipping my feet into the world of Node-RED, and here I am, tinkering my nights away one flow at a time.

I tend to learn by sharing, so I'd like to lurk around less and write more - all things Node-RED, programmable communications, DevRel, developer communities, JS and some sprinkles of design on the side.

My favourite project is one I'm currently working on - I've started a series of weekly tutorials about building communications into your Node-RED applications. - The first one just went live this week πŸŽ‰:

I love it for a number of reasons, but working with an open-source project, the great community behind it, the constant challenge of learning, building and breaking things comes to mind :)