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Did you know, that when forming the teams at that time I worried most about yours. Reason was the great diversity and seemingly missing thing that could bind you. It took a while, from an outside perspective to observe the magic, as the heisenbergs initially were very closed off to outsiders. At this point I learned about inter team dynamics and found out this was healthy and since the results coming out of the team were undeniable, I didn't want to challenge you. After this phase you started opening up more and more to reach the final stage, mentorship, of which this blog is a clear sign. I'm really proud of what your team has achieved internally and curious to see how you will help other teams with your knowledge to find their version of the chemistry that makes heisenberg great! <3 from your EAT collegue


Thanks for sharing this perspective, I never knew this. And thank you for the compliments as well. I can only hope that other teams can find the same chemistry that we have found, but we will do anything we can to help them with this journey.

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