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Discussion on: There's So Much To Learn, Yet So Little Time!

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Jack Harner πŸš€ Author
  1. I definitely like having real world problems to solve. I'm fairly proficient now with BigCommerce's Stencil Framework, since that's what I'm working with for my 9-5's store.
  2. Career advancement is definitely my goal. I see a lot of job posts looking for like React/Angular/[insert js web-app framework]. I also see people looking for like Drupal/Laravel devs which might be the route I need to take since I'm more comfortable with PHP (Most of my knowledge is closer to building custom themes off of WordPress, rather than straight PHP)
  3. A lot of my work starts with "I know what I need to do, now I just need to go figure out how to do it". Having a broad knowledge of the tools available is a great thing to have.