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I'm working on a Firefox Extension that does this for the inventory system ChannelAdvisor that I use a lot at work. If it can save me a single click, I'll find a way to automate it. Things like:

  • Auto-expanding a textarea to show the full text
  • changing quantity inputs into type=number so I can use the arrow keys instead of typing the number
  • Taking dates and counting how many days since so we know if it's within our return policy
  • Click to copy order numbers, product SKUs and more.

Saves me a lot of time and I can share it with my coworkers to make everyone's lives easier.


Part of what prompted me to make this post was that at work one of our developers has just converted a userscript into a Chrome extension and we've been looking at different tools for different jobs. Our script reacts to our different development/testing/preprod environments by fetching information about the builds and making it appear in an overlay, with links off to releases and tickets and stuff. That's very bespoke so it's going to remain internal, though.

Are you planning on publishing your extension when it's done?


I haven't really thought about publishing it broadly. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be at my current employer and I wouldn't want to release something into the wild that I wouldn't have any way to continue testing or bug-fixing.

Might move it over to GitHub or something so other people could build off it.

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