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Discussion on: What tools have you built?

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Jack Harner 🚀

Oh Boy. My Time To Shine:

  • Material Color Palette
    • A browser extension that allows you to click to copy any of the Material Design Color Codes. I got tired of googling them so I built a two click way to get whatever color you need.
  • Another Browser Extension that adds a bunch of custom JS to ChannelAdvisor (an inventory management system we use at work)
    • Simple things like autosaving comments, adding a print button that automatically fires Ctrl + P on order invoices and then closes the page, counts days since order date, click to copy order numbers, etc.
  • A set of PowerShell scripts that pull product images from brand's websites based on SKU, a Photoshop action that processes the image to meet our specs, and then another PowerShell script that uploads the images onto our file server.
  • A Handful of Python scripts that add some custom functionality to the BigCommerce API.
    • Duplicating coupons, connecting MailChimp segments to a customer group in BigCommerce.
  • A system that collects the exported data of any return label generated and puts it in a nice searchable table to more easily track down returns.
    • We previously had to figure out which date the label was created, export that date, and hope we got the date right.
  • A system that converted a burger restaurant's archaic Excel spreadsheet schedule into a shiny 21st Century Google Sheets spreadsheet that would export the schedule and post it to a WordPress site accessible by the staff.
    • I got really tired of writing down the wrong schedule since they would only post a paper version on the wall in the store. Built it so functionally, making the schedule would be as similar as possible for our tech-challenged managers.
    • Worked really great until one of the tech-challenged managers took over doing the schedule and she just wanted to do it by hand. They went out of business not long after that.

I've found I'm pretty good at identifying inefficient processes and then learning what I need to do to make them better.

Edited to add: I'm also super lazy and hate doing repetitive things over and over. Take out as many steps as possible and it'll save you boat loads of time.