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Discussion on: Why Do You Learn?

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Jacksoft CS • Edited

This is a great article, I can relate to a lot of what you said. I took many classes and I don't really remember a lot from the materials. I learn to understand how things work and how to program and apply the knowledge to real world problem. Sometimes, I feel like I didn't learn anything from most of my classes because I don't really put them to use. I need to stat doing projects on the side to keep learning.

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Sarah Paz Author

You're right! Doing projects is a great way to solidify what we learn. I'm guilty of that as well! I have a side project right now, but with all the other material I'm trying to learn plus work, it gets pushed down the priority list unfortunately. My mentor has suggested working on small projects, so they're easier to tackle with a busy schedule, but still keeps you motivated by seeing the results. Maybe that would be a good idea for you as well?