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Discussion on: Why I switched to Linux full time

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Jacqueline Binya • Edited

Linux is LoVe💙💚💜
I use it cause its free!!!!!
And with a little bit of effort I can get everything done on Linux.
If you are lazy Linux isn't for you cause oftentimes you may need to find workarounds to get some software to work or spend time researching free software alternatives you can use.

I use Ubuntu for work and personal stuff.

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I use Linux and not saying you are wrong but is your time free? The lazy "work" you are talking about in hours would pay for a Windows license and more. :D I have been using both since the 90's

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Jacqueline Binya

Hahaha you are right there, time isn't free. I had overlooked that.

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Shauna Gordon

Honestly, I've spent more time fighting against Windows than I have dealing with anything on Linux, and I'm a gamer (and not just open source games, my library is full of triple-A titles). I've not had good experiences with Windows 10 on the stability front the past couple of years. On more than one occasion, I've had to deal with essential (and therefore unavoidable) updates that trigger bugs that brick the machine. It's kind of sad, too, because credit where it's due -- Microsoft has put a ton of work into the OS to make it more attractive to power users and developers like myself, and it has some really nice features.

There are learning curves to everything, so yeah, while one's initial switch might take a little extra time to get replacements and whatnot, these days I spend barely any time at all maintaining my machine and I spend next to zero time researching new software unless I choose to. (On that front, I actually spend more time looking for suitable software for my Mac work machine.)