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Discussion on: Building a simple CI/CD pipeline for local testing using Go, Docker, Minikube and a Bash script

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As a small reference to the book “The Unicorn Project”: you are following the ideal of locality and simplicity:
Test your code locally and with fast feedback in a production like environment: great job!

Could you provide a repo with your article content?

I would recommend some refactorings, this is very hard to read for me:

if [[ $1 = "build" ]]; then
    if [[ $2 = "docker" ]]; then
        if [[ $3 = "deploy" ]]; then
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Shivan Moodley Author

I haven't read the Unicorn Project, but I might have to now!

You can find the code here

What refactoring would you recommend for readability? Feel free to open a PR on the repo if you want 😊

Thanks for taking the time to read!