Discussion on: Is it just me or is Microsoft really crushing it lately?

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Jaff Parker

I remember a few years ago we were laughing at "Microsoft ♥️ Linux", but now I'm pretty much waiting for them to release a version of Windows that is a Linux distro lol. I'm very impressed with where they got. Personally VSCode and Typescript are my absolute favorites now

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Tom VanAntwerp

I wish they would! I'm split between being dev and IT, and dealing with Windows 10 is one of the worst things I do. Cortana, bloatware, settings changing/disappearing with each update--it's a nightmare. I oddly feel more stability as a JavaScript dev than a maintainer of Windows 10 machines.

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Gareth Bradley

And now we can run Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 with full Container support for Docker natively as well.

Agree with VSCode. I love it.

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Matt Miller (he/him)

Docker support only on Windows Professional still though?

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Aaron Powell

They use to have a Unix distro, Xenix: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenix

Admittedly it's been like 30 years since the last release, so it's probably not ideal for a modern workload! 🤣