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Discussion on: What made you quit your job?

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Jaff Parker

Prelude: In Quebec, Canada there's something called a Research & Development Credit. I don't know all the details, but every year you can fill out a report of how the work that your start-up does helps your developers grow professionally and generally drive progress, and you can get tax credits for that.

So I was working at a struggling start-up. Poor management and weekly change of direction never actually let us take off. The execs would make us clone every shiny new project in the field that they discovered. Thus long before launch we already had a huge spaghetti code base and multiple refactorings.

For a year I was trying to find a new job, but wouldn't quit this one since I couldn't find a new source of income. My last year in that company was especially bad, we had achieved nothing except rewriting the project every 2-3 months. So there was nothing at all that we could put in the R&D reports. When I told them that, they told me I should make something up.

That was the last straw. I wouldn't commit fraud at all, and especially for a company I don't even believe in.

2 years later their website went down for good, finally ⚰️