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Discussion on: It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1

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Jagjot Singh

That's interesting point of view. After working for over three years in the javascript ecosystem i feel the fatigue myself. Honestly, what i feel is that most developers get distracted due to the shiny object syndrome. We tend to choose a technology primarily due to hype created around it and then spend a lot of time on things that don't matter (for the business).

For example, with ReactJs i've had a lot of problems with routing and middlewares. Using frameworks like redux also doesn't make things easier. Now i spend most of my time debugging frontend bugs rather than working on the critical business requirements.

It works fantastically when you're doing simple apps, but when it comes to building complex applications like ecommerce, or crm, i've been struggling with these frontend technologies. For me as an entrepreneur, spending more time on the frontend than on the backend is worthless.

I'm not sure about web components either, because as soon as it starts becoming popular, a lot of big players are going to jump into it and there'll be multiple (and most probably broken) implementations of the same components.

I'm not against these frontend frameworks and libraries, but again i'm not going to suggest these to my clients just because of their shiny appeal or hype. I personally only use python and flask to develop web apps and stick to simple templating engines. It's made my life easier. But that's just me.

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Maybe web components are not the perfect solution right now.

But looking back at the history most of the time standards in the long run won over frameworks.

And yes using reactjs for a static website is a bad choice just to give one example.