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Hi Emma... thanks for your post

I checked your website and loved everything except this color: rgb(247, 192, 171) 😅 .. I think it is slightly too light to be in front of a white background, and some things are also hard to read. A darker shade would surely fit better 🤗🙌🏼

Btw, I would like to share my portfolio in case you have some spare time to check it and provide some feedback... Thanks in advance! 😀🙏🏼


Hola Jahir,

Tu portafolio se vé súper, en especial el efecto del background. También soy de Bogotá, estoy ingresando al mundo de desarrollo web mediante un programa de Fullstack, tengo que trabajar mucho para llegar a ese nivel, felicitaciones!


Hombre que bueno encontrar a algunos de mis paisanos por acá jejeje


beautiful site and well done. but a small bug with the send button


Thanks, can you please elaborate on what the issue is so I can fix it in the future? 🤔

sorry about the delay in reply, please find attached the image. I experienced this in fire fox browser.


This is just being petty and I don't know how you generate the points in the background, but you should put a limit on the amount you can create, cause I was able to break its performance and make the site unusable (with mouse input repeater of course, but still).

Also maybe just make the lines follow the cursor when hovering something interactive and not every time.


I'll be honest. I like the aesthetic of your site. Except there's a few things that caused me some annoyance:

  • The cursor change. I don't personally like it, and I think it takes away from a site's accessibility when you change the user's cursor. Also, it's not a cursor shape either.

  • The background, and how it interacts with the cursor is actually distracting when using the site. Not a fan.

  • The navigation bar at the top is a little interesting. As you scroll, it flicks from Home, to Projects, then to Contact. However, it bothers me a little that Contact is not next to Projects. If you were to put Contact after Projects, then it'd flow nicer. And maybe add some kind of separator to About and Thanks so that it's clear they're not part of the "scrollable navigation".

Just my two cents, up to you whether you wanna change anything. It's your site, and it's pretty. :)

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