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How to Achieve Auto Complete faster in Angular via API

Hi, I am currently working on a side project, which uses Third Party API Data search with Autocomplete.

I have written the code in way that
(Text Input) - > Make REST call to MY Server with query Param -> Then My Spring application makes a Rest Template call with API Key and other param to Third Party application. -> On receiving the large JSON it will filter and then return the Array of Suggestion to Angular application.

But the autocomplete is not instantaneous and responsive. I cant call the third-party directly from UI.
Any suggestions on it.

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There's no way around calling your API first if the 3rd party API keys are secret. To speed things up you could:

  • cache your API responses server side e.g. redis
  • add caching client side with a service worker
  • use an Rxjs throttle and switchMap on the UI's requests
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Jayavignesh R

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give a try to implement this.