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As a coder, I find design more challenging, as there never seems to be the "right" answer.


It's always changing. Design comes and goes in fads. The most important thing is for the content to be readable and a website/page easy to use. Color at the very least, should make it easy to read and differentiate and emphasize important elements. If you find it difficult, make it as simple as possible. And when in doubt, ask for feedback from someone you trust. :)


yeah, readable and easy to understand is the key. completely agree.


yup, I feel the same, it's normally easy to tell if a particular code produces the right result or not, but it's sometimes hard to say which design is good as it can be very opinion based - people have different tastes and preferences, what you see is great may look completely craps in others' eyes.
But again, there are some general good design principles which can/should be applied everywhere.


Of course of course. But what I mean is like having to pick between two different, but very close shades of gray, or whether to make the menu bar 110px or 120px high or something like that. I don't know how to use Photoshop, so I just make design things on chrome AS I'm developing a website. It's a pain in the ass. When I'm given a wireframe of a static page, I can breeze through it, but making my own is hard because of design

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