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Web Monetization for Creatives

My initial thought was how to get web monetization directly into the hands of the creative community? Sure, Mozilla had started working on this with VR developers, but it was better suited to developers. How do we get writers, artists, and videographers to monetize their work with no coding?

I believe the solution is a site generator/management tool that allows them to utilize their own WM wallet to collect micro-payments from their audiences directly. The signup/initial site creation process would require the user to set up or supply wallet information. The provided page templates would suggest what could be premium content to utilize the WM features.

This should be a learning experience for me. I am starting the project by learning a new framework (Vue.js) to assist with development. The server will do most of the hard work, though, hosting the various web sites and uploads. I will have to pay special attention to how that traffic is routed and secured. I am beginning by setting up most of the front-end. I do worry this is a bigger project than can be pulled together in under a month, but I am hopeful. Even if I cannot finish it by June 5th, who knows, it could grow further?

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions below. I am looking forward to building this application. If you would like to checkout the progress, please check the code out at

GitHub logo jakesweb / incinicreator

an open source platform for creators to share their work while getting monetized


Where creative works can generate money

The hope of this project is to allow users to create, manage, and host web sites that allow them to expose their talent in exchange for simple monetization.

How Web Monetization Works

The platform will extensively use the web monetization standard to allow for payments. The standard utilizes micro-payments which can be used to unlock content. More about web monetization can be found at the web monetization web page.


The project is a work in progress and as I create more documentation this page will be updated. For now the stack will be:

  • Vue.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB (accessed through Mongoose)
  • Auth0 (for authentication)


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Glenn Paquette

Sweet idea Jacob! Looking forward to seeing it in action :)