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Discussion on: Windows 10 as a Linux Window Manager with WSL2

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James Livesey • Edited

Nice setup! A warm welcome to, too. What's your thought on just virtualizing Windows inside of Linux? I whipped up Win10 and macOS Big Sur and it works perfectly — the integration really works well. And I don't have to deal with Windows updates 100% of the time!

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fquinner Author

Thanks! Yeah unfortunately I would actually personally prefer the Windows window manager over OSX, you end up needing to use brew which often conflicts with native packages etc. And in real terms in my environment it feels like Linux under the hood and I literally only use Windows as a window manager. I even have windows terminal set up to launch WSL by default and run ssh etc from there (no putty), symlinks to Downloads folder and Desktop to make it feel super integrated but I'll maybe write about those another time ;)!

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Joe Pea

That seems like a lot more work than running WSL in Windows, or Cristini Linux in Chrome OS. Your setup might work, but it costs time.

I love how simple it is to buy a Chromebook, flip an option to true, and now I can run any Linux apps installed with apt. It's the no hassle that is worth the value.

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James Livesey

Very true, coming from a Chromebook owner myself! Crostini is great now that it's (relatively) stable. I was considering putting Chromium OS/CloudReady on my main PC, but instead I opted for Debian as it gives me much more customisability in terms of desktop environment etc.