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re: Great way to lay out the long-term strategy of a developer career. I'm a big believer in strategic thinking when it comes to career plans. I want ...

I agree 💯.

The reason I did choose "Coder" (if anyone is curious 😋) is that I find the term "Coder" does have the stereotype of a socially awkward nerd sitting in his mom's basement building role-playing games by himself.

And I just needed a really simple word to use 😂

I like your first comment too. This is a general framework that (by design) hasn't included things like freelancing, consulting, etc. and different fields like IOT, web, data analysts, etc.

My newsletter (where this article was adapted from) is starting to get into these differences though.

But I wanted this to start - like you said - by looking at it an easy way to get a top-level view/understanding.

Thanks for the comments!

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