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I think many approach legacy in the way of "let's replace everything that sucks." I think the best approaches are "how can we add value to the product in a way that's de-coupled from the mess?"

This starts to get into topic like domain-driven design and "enterprise" integration patterns.

Developers who can quickly add new functionality to an existing legacy product can be superheroes 😂

Business: "Can we add new feature X?"

Dev1: "The system is so messy.... no"
Dev2: "Sure! We'll just have to move some things around an introduce some new ways of doing things."

Business ppl love dev 2.


Dev2 makes things worse. Look like a rockstar then jump ship in a year.


Sure, the same could be said of dev2 (jump ship in a year). If the team understands how to deal with legacy code properly then not an issue.

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