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Discussion on: I Joined A Coding Bootcamp (And Here's Why)

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Jamie Ferrugiaro Author

Thank you! Oh, yes absolutely. It's hard for me to last for long classes. However, these don't necessarily fix that. The class is still 3 hours long, which is a nice chunk of time to have to sit through. It's just as bad as college, really. I think this will be a little different since you're more actively involved in doing something versus just listening, however.

I guess that feature really is split for me. Because of the fast pace, you have to learn faster which is harder (generally). For example, I experienced this when I took a 4 week class in college on Intro to Marketing. That was insane. It sounds great because hey I'm done in 4 weeks. But it leaves no time for confusion or catching up. Luckily, I had a lot of real life experience already to make it possible to do well, but if I had no prior knowledge, it would have been hard.

But I actually very much agree. The fast speed of the program is a large part of what convinced me as well. If it was lengthy, it wouldn't be as attractive.

One of the tricks for ADD I learned at a much older age is to record every class or meeting that is long or I know I need notes on. This way I don't have to stress myself out if I'm not capable of retaining everything. It works very well for me. It might not work as well in this case, but I'm going to try it out.