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Discussion on: Show your leadership skills, even if you're not leading a team

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Jaimie Carter • Edited on

You can use this mentality every day, regardless of role. The only point I would disagree with is "pulling your weight and even more". It's not good to be that guy that has too much on his/her plate, you're a leader not a worker. You need to be freely available and ready to make decisions and provide support. You can't do that if your workload is too high. Further it sends mixed messages to your team, should they be working like you? Why didn't you just say if that's what you expected? It's setting up a bunch of problems that will tick away until they explode. And they will explode.
Just do your job. Do it well. Don't over think things.

Oh and if someone asks you to lead a team AND do a team member job - say no. That's a mug's game and you'll be setting yourself up for a kicking. Respectfully decline.

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Fahad Ali Shaikh

Agreed. It's easier to fall into the temptation of displaying your bravado by doing the team members work but it comes with a heavy price of neglected responsibilities of a leader.