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Discussion on: What does a #codeNewbie need to start/improve?

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Jaimie Carter

Hey Nadine,
Make something. That's the best way to get from zero to moving. Build things. It's lots of fun and you'll find yourself somewhere unrelated and all you can think about is solving that one function.... Why won't that variable work there???? How am I going to get that data from there to there? It's awesome. Do something that has been done before. Do something new. Do something small, big, whatever. Just build something.

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Nadine M. Thêry Author

Absolutely right. So far I am dealing with the challenges of the course I am doing at Udemy.
Probably because right now I don't want to face a project I wouldn't know where to start from. And of course not dealing with frustration so far. Hehe.
I have a note with "apps ideas" that will definitely be my starting point. But I first need to improve my personal website.
I think one of the most difficult parts of this, is that I have no clue about the design.