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re: I don't want to take the Mickey. You're going to have to polish that turd for me (I may still be losing the battle of confusing idioms). Trans...

Thanks Neil, as per normal, excellent advice. I'd not thought of looking at it from the viewpoint of what value does it bring them. That gives me the price.
You answered points 1 and 2 with the other points. FYI "Take the Mick" : Take advantage of the situation. I thought I'd used an international euphemism. Clearly, I need to get back on the plane and get out a bit more... Haha. And 2. I have always done well being open with my oncharging of services and i.e. in this case - what AWS will charge my company for your app.
This is old ground in a new skin for me, and it's always good to get advice

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