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Discussion on: Pay cut to work remotely - Fair deal?‍

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Jan Küster

In times of COVID it is totally irresponsible to not offer remote work without any cuttings. Additionally the employer saves money by reducing the required space at the office, the additional infrastructure is usually already established, due to sales people and consultans often work remote, as they travel a lot.

At the same time the employee has increased costs - having an extra room for working is in some cities a pure luxury. If famili with children is involved say goodbye to your savings and private retirement funds. Cooking at home can be expensive, if electrical power costs a lot in your region and any heating devices that is run by electricity is consuming A LOT. If it's hot you have to run your air conditioning and cooling devices, consuming electricity, if it's cold you have to heat.

You have to pay for the desk and chair (the good ones can easily together cost an equivalent of a monthly income), for the screen, the desktop, utilities like keyboard, mouse.

So the added risk is mostly at your side. The risk at the employer side is losing control but let me tell you, you don't want to work at a place where your boss, the management or the C-people want to micro manage things, these are usually dead horses.