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Discussion on: How I Take Notes

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Jarren Bird

hey this is a great article. thanks for writing it. i've experimented with lots of different kinds of note-taking techniques, and i probably will continue to experiment forever. but recently i've started taking notes on note cards and i really like it. i timestamp all of my cards and usually give them a title that's really just a tag to help me find it later. i hadn't considered being specific with the time of day in the timestamp, though; i'll have to experiment with that. it sounds interesting. one comment from your article i liked in particular was the final sentence. to me, the idea that i could go back and, with notes that are helpfully formatted, kind of recreate a story about what i was doing at a particular time and place is very enticing to me. it's like journaling, but without following what i had always thought was the "standard" way of journaling--writing down an entry describing a life event. anyway, i love hearing about the ways other people take notes and trying to incorporate their techniques, so thank you for the article