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re: Thanks again, I'm glad you found the talk useful. :-) Yes, I've run my diagramming workshop for teams that have told me they "use UML for everythi...

I am dearly interested what you think about the AUTOSAR specifications if you mind to take a quick look at them. I'll hold back my opinion on this until I've heard at least one educated judgement from someone else.

I've been pointed to AUTOSAR before, but I don't generally work in the automotive industry, so I'm not sure I can offer much in the way of an opinion about it. I hope there is a good amount of benefit given the specification is 270 pages though. :-)

Some other verticals have their own domain-specific modelling languages too; embedded software immediately springs to mind, where I've seen domain-specific "architecture description languages" used. In my experience, even these teams (and those creating comprehensive documentation for regulatory purposes) are seeking ways to improve their communication. For some, UML is a good fit. For others, not so much.

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