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Discussion on: What is the Minimum Skillset for Junior Frontend Devs?

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Jason Espin

That works if a company has a fixed approach to the way in which they do front end however it also pigeon holes the developer from moving on if they want to or increases the ramp up time if the company changes framework for whatever reason. A really good example of this is working for an agency doing projects for different companies. If one project requires Vue and another React then the developer will need to learn both. With a top down approach having learnt Vue they may not know the base concepts from Vanilla Js that would apply to React and therefore their ramp up time would be a lot slower than if they just had an understanding of Vanilla Js. It's all JS at the end of the day and I'd argue you can never fully understand a framework until you understand the base component.

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Christian Baer

All of what you said, is true. Top down might not be the fastest way to get to the long term goal, but it might be faster for the intermediate goal "landing a job".
If you got plenty of time, by all means approach the whole thing bottom up. If not, top down is a valid option.