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Discussion on: Beginners Tutorial: Docker with ASP.NET Core

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Nice tutorial. It would be great to have the behind-the-scenes explained a little better for the build. I think I get it, the docker build image copies the entire directory (except out and bin which are in ignore file) into an image 'docker-tutorial-build', then a container is created for that image, the build is performed (restore/publish), then out is copied into the local filesystem, then the image is built. Basically just replacing the 'dotnet publish' with creating an image and a container, performing the build in the container, then copying the results back out.

I was thinking originally what you were going to show was to create a container to let the build happen when it is run...

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Bastian Author

sorry for the late reply. yes, i could have explained that a bit better. I might just add your nice and correct summary to the article :)