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Discussion on: 🔨 [git]: Write better commits with Gitmoji

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Javid Mougamadou Author


I am sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to Johnny and Forest for the correction and the reactivity.

I will update the post with the correction.


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Johnny Walker • Edited

@foresthoffman Let's aim for less trigger-happy reactions and condescension, and maybe assuming good intentions, while we're at it.

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Forest Hoffman

No worries, Javid! Keep up the great work :)

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Forest Hoffman

I appreciate that your intention wasn't to be aggressive. My interpretation of the original comment, "I'm not sure you understand how Conventional Commits are supposed to work. This is NOT an example of one", was not one of tactful criticism. Therefore, I expressed that the comment could be interpreted as aggressive. The original comment didn't include the link that you later provided, which points out that there was a disconnect between what was in the article and the documentation being linked to.

New accounts are joining dev everyday, and sometimes a comment like this pops up. I of course didnt mean any personal offense. I'm just one of many members that want to ensure that there's an even playing field of constructive criticism and positivity.

Have a good one!

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