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Top 10 Free Spring Boot Courses to Learn Online for Beginners

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

Hello devs, being an author of a Java blog and a Java developer myself, a lot of people ask me about the course and book recommendations. Since Spring Boot is now one of the essential skills for any Java developer, I daily receive a lot of queries about free Spring Boot tutorials and courses to learn Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS and Cloud from scratch.

In the past, I have shared a lot of best Spring Boot Courses and Booksbut they were not free and not all the people can afford it. While they are certainly the best resources to learn Spring boot, if you can shell out $10 for learning something as valuable as Spring boot, but I also understand that free resources like tutorials and courses are the best way to start learning any new technology.

That's why I did some research and going to share with you guys 10+ free Spring Boot online courses and tutorials from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Educative, and others.

These are completely free courses, made free by their instructors and authors for educational and marketing purposes and all you need to do is create an account on Udemy and Coursera to access these courses.

Though, I advise you guys to first check the price before enrolling in any of these courses if the price is a concern becuase many instructors in Udemy make their courses paid once they reach their marketing target. I don't blame them as they are also putting a lot of hard work to create these amazing Spring boot courses and I actually thank them for making these free as much time they can.

The best thing is that once you enroll in these free Spring boot courses, they will be free for lifetime, hence even if you don't have time to learn Spring Boot right now, you can enroll into these courses while they are free and then come back later to learn Spring Boot when you have time.

On Coursera, most of the courses are free-to-audit, which means you can enroll them for free for learning but you won't get any certificate or access to their quizzes and other assessment, which is kind of OK unless you really need that certificate to showcase your Spring Boot skills on LinkedIn or your Resume. In that case, just pay for the course or specialization which costs around $39 in most cases.

10 Free Spring Boot Courses for Java Developers

Anyway, without wasting anymore of your time, here is my favorite free Spring boot courses for Java developers. Remember, Spring Boot is one of the most important skills for Java developer to get a job in this market.

without wasting any more of your time, here is the list of 10 free Spring Boot courses and tutorials for Java developers to learn Spring from scratch. This list also includes courses to learn Microservices with Spring Boot and how to deploy a Spring Boot application into Cloud which is what most of us will do in the near future.

1. Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

This is one of the best courses to learn Spring Boot end-to-end, from development to deployment and I strongly suggest all Java developers who want to learn Spring boot to join this course.

In this course, you will start from basics and learn all key features of Spring boot from development to deployment.

Some of the major topic that we will cover this would be

  • Development environment setup
  • Demo application overview for the course
  • Creation the rest web-services
  • Creation of sample web-application
  • Profiles and properties
  • Logging
  • Security
  • Production grade features like actuator.
  • Deployment

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

2. Introducing Spring Boot

This is another free Spring Boot tutorial and course which I have been recommending to my readers for a long time. Thanks to [Daniel Vega] for making this course for free for Java developer.

In this course, you will first learn what the Spring Framework is and then move right into the fun stuff. We will learn all about Spring Boot, as well as how to set up our own development environment and how to use the tools that are required of us to be productive.

You will write your own Hello World application by the end of this short introduction to Spring Boot and be ready for more. What are you waiting for? This course is free and Spring is a skill employers are looking for, so stop procrastinating and sign up today!

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Introducing Spring Boot

3. Spring Boot and AWS S3

Cloud is the future and AWS is the kind of Cloud. There is a good chance that future Java development will only happen in Cloud and that's why it's important for a Java developer to know about how to deploy a Spring Boot Java application in the cloud, and if you don't know, this free Spring boot tutorial can help you to learn that.

In this course, you will learn how to upload and download files (images) for a react front end application.

You will implement everything from scratch using Spring Boot for the backend and Amazon S3 to store files (images).

This course will allow you to store any files that you can think of, a common feature that most applications have. Whether it's a web app or mobile app, what you will build will allow any client to upload files.

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

4. Spring Boot Tricks

This is another course to master Spring Boot. This course is designed for developers familiar with Java 8+, and want to become more familiar with REST API development using Spring Boot.

Unlike some other courses, I am not a big believer in code-along, as it simply fills up time, but rather give a screencast and describe the code as seen, along with a Github link to the project at that stage, so that developers can be productive quickly and easily, and stay focused on the details at hand, rather than watching someone code, and fix their mistakes in real-time.

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot Tricks

A course to learn the basics of Spring Boot with REST APIs

5. A Java Spring Boot Microservices project for beginners

Microservice is the future architecture for Java developers becuase they are perfectly suited for cloud deployment. There is no surprise that more and more companies are moving towards Microservices from their monolithic architecture.

In this course, you will learn to build a Java Spring Boot Microservices application with Spring Cloud. You will learn the following modules with hands-on examples.

1. Java Basics

2. Spring Framework

3. Spring Boot

4. Spring Data JPA

5. Spring Cloud

5. Eclipse and IntelliJ Idea

6. Microservices

Build the application from scratch with step by step instructions.

No prior Java or Spring knowledge required. Basic programming skills and database knowledge required to get started

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- A Java Spring Boot Microservices project for beginners

6. Building Scalable Java Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

If you want to learn more about how to create a scalable Microservice based Java application using Spring boot and Spring Cloud then this free Spring Boot course from Coursera is a good starting point.

As I have said before, the microservices architecture is ideal for the public cloud, with its focus on elastic scaling with on-demand resources. In this course, you will learn how to build Java applications using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud on Google Cloud Platform.

You'll use Cloud Runtime Configuration and Spring Cloud Config to manage your application's configuration. You'll send and receive messages with Cloud Pub/Sub and Spring Integration.

You'll also use Cloud SQL as a managed relational database for your Java applications, and learn how to migrate to Cloud Spanner, which is Google Cloud's globally-distributed strongly consistent database service. You'll also learn about tracing and debugging your Spring applications with Stackdriver.

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

7. Developing Cloud-Native Apps w/ Microservices Architectures

This is another course that is focused on Microservice and Cloud becuase they are really important for Java developers. In this official Red Hatยฎ training course, Burr Sutter, the Chief Developer Advocate for Red Hat, will give students a deep dive into the microservices architecture.

This course will teach you how to combine different frameworks and tools into a microservices architecture that fits your organizational needs. Through a series of videos, this course will introduce microservices, review multiple microservices frameworks and runtimes, and show you techniques to deploy them through a hassle-free DevOps pipeline.

You will also learn about things like containers, Docker, Spring Boot, NodeJS, .NET, OpenShift, Jenkins, Vert.x, Kubernetes, and much more, which are important for experienced Java developers.

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

8. Spring Core --- Learn Spring Framework 4 and Spring Boot

If you're new to the Spring Framework, this is the course you want to start with. This course covers the core of the Spring Framework, the foundation which all of the other Spring Framework projects are built from, including Spring Boot

In this course, you will learn about important key concepts, such as dependency injection and inversion of control, which are used throughout the Spring Framework.

Within the Spring Framework, you have the option of using the traditional XML configuration or the new Java-based configuration.You will learn, step by step how to configure Spring Beans using best practices in XML and Java. I'll also show you how to use Spring to persist data into a database, and Spring MVC to show content from the database on a webpage.

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

9. Learn Spring Boot the Easy Way!

If you've been hearing about Spring Boot, but you didn't quite understand what it is, it's the purpose, the problem it solves, the features it offers, etc.. Well, then this free Spring boot course is just for you.

Spring boot is now a 'Must Know' skill for pros. All the corporations are moving from Monolithic architecture to Microservices and Spring Boot, by far the best technology!

This course is intended for beginners to get started with spring boot!

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

10 .Introduction to Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5

This is another awesome free online training course to learn Spring Boot 2 and Spring Framework 5 from scratch. Inside the course, you will learn how easy it is to build a web application using Spring Boot 2.

You will learn how to create the initial Spring Boot project using the Spring Initializer. Next is creating JPA Entities for persistence to a database using Hibernate.

This is a great free course from none other than John Thomson, one of the best Spring instructor on Udemy. Having attended his Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru and Docker for Java Developers I can say that he has great teaching skills and making complex topics simpler, which makes it really easy to learn new concepts.

Spring Boot will auto-configure an in-memory H2 database, and you will see how to use Spring Boot with Spring Data JPA to initialize data into the database.

Finally, you are shown how to display data from the database on a web page with Spring MVC and Thymeleaf templates.

If you are new to Spring Boot, this is the perfect course to get you started!

Here is the link to join this course for FREE --- Spring Boot: Complete guide from development to deployment

That's all about some free courses to learn Spring for Java developers. Spring Boot makes it easy to create production-grade stand-alone Spring based Applications that you can "just run".

I have carefully chosen these free Spring boot tutorials and courses so that you can, not only take your Spring Boot skills to next level but also learn the essential technologies for modern Java development like AWS, Microservices et all.

If you know any other free Spring Boot course or tutorial, we can add into this list, feel free to suggest.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these advance Spring Boot, Docker, AWS, Fullstack Java developer courses then please share on your favorite platform (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

P.S. - If you don't mind paying few bucks for learning something as value as Spring Boot, then I highly recommend you to check out the Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud course by Ranga, where you will not only learn Spring Boot,but also Microservices and Spring cloud in just $10 on Udemy.

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