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re: Tricky question, but I appreciate it! I'm not positioning this as being able to get a job as a React developer as much as becoming a React develope...

I hear you. I know everyone is just trying to make a living. I guess when I see headlines like this I get concerned for the message we’re sending newcomers to the industry.

One of the common complaints I hear from experienced developers is how they are often managed by scrum masters who seem like they only have very basic knowledge. You’ve probably seen the “Become a scrum master for $39!” ads floating around.

I doubt you were intentionally trying to be misleading! And I think writing headlines that tease a benefit or get attention is both fine and necessary these days. There is a fine line between that and misrepresentation, and I guess I just hope as an industry we stop to reflect occasionally on whether we may be contributing to sending mixed messages about what’s needed to be effective.

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