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re: Thanks Jayme for doing this. I really admire your mission in humanizing tech culture. I always felt I'm not a "geek" in the way that's similar to ...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, and sharing such a personal story! It makes me sad how often I hear this. I hope you have found some support to help you get through that. I get career coaching clients coming to me after heartbreaks often. I don’t think we take it seriously enough sometimes that when employers do this to us it’s inexcusable and traumatic. “Sucking it up” doesn’t work when it’s something we really care about! Hang in there!!!


I've been lucky to have my family backing me up, and I'm now working on building my own idea while. It is true that the incident had left a trauma, but more it had opened up a new outlook on employment and stability. Altogether with the COVID-19 lock down, it had given me a break from the constant rat race and reflect on what's best for me as a person.
I was so wrong to have fixated on my programming chop as my strength. Strength isn't what someone does well to get paid in a day job. Strength is character, and many employers, including mine, do not understand how to maximize their people's strengths, and punish them for failing in skills that might otherwise be improvable.

Great insights. Yes, I came to the conclusion a few years back that employers, for all their good intentions, just don’t invest in growing skills for developers outside the technology. They might say they do, but it’s often lip service. Good to hear you’ve figured this out, many don’t! We can learn valuable career skills outside of just the technology, but we need to seek them outside of our industry. At least that’s been my experience.

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