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Discussion on: Reveal your macOS Secrets

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Joshua Ballanco • Edited

One secret that is so ubiquitous yet so simple that I often forget it's even there (until I have to use a Windows or Linux machine and mash the keyboard in frustration) is that in macOS every text input area (and I mean every one) responds to Readline key-combos. That is:

<cmd>+f - Move forward one space
<cmd>+b - Move back one space
<cmd>+a - Go to the start of a line
<cmd>+e - Go to the end of a line
<cmd>+p - Go to the previous line
<cmd>+n - Go to the next line
<cmd>+d - Delete
<cmd>+h - Backspace
<cmd>+t - Transpose the two characters before and after the cursor
<cmd>+k - "Kill" text from the current cursor position to the end of the line