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Great Article.

Being an Art School Grad myself, MASS COLLEGE OF ART '98 BFA Painting.

All these years and different types of jobs later, the big take away is: I'm passionate about what i do and i have the ability to think in abstract terms about problem solving.

Art School taught me how to learn about things and ask better questions. Being forced to consider the questions you created in a drawing or painting can be an introspective and challenging process. That ultimately gave me a way to generate and scrap ideas with out flinching.

In my daily work, i find this is of the greatest value and i cherish it. Thank you for posting this, it helps to read the thoughts and experience's of others.

one other thing: Art School taught me to
'paint until all of the critics leave the studio'
'paint until all of my peers leave the studio'
'paint until my mind has left the studio'

today i spend most of my free time (outside of my wife and kids) coding while everyone is asleep and taking all the free time i can to enjoy it.

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