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Discussion on: Making an Advent of Code solution for beginners!

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Jon Bristow • Edited

My only request would be to make the solutions be one click inward, while the initial readme could be concerned with a rundown of the mechanics of reading your input file, how to submit an answer, rundown of the mechanics of the second answer, etc. Get people most of the way there, but gate the spoilers at least one click away from the landing page just so people don't get unintentionally spoiled. (Some people care about this... 🤷‍♂️)

It's definitely a good idea, I'll try to take notes while I work tonight to help add my own thoughts to my repo, which tends to be a little arcane looking. Definitely hard, though, once you're trying to get closer to the leaderboard. Being 2000th after a 7 minute solve is a bit of a letdown, but each question bleeds almost half the participants!

I come back to the past year problems whenever I need to stretch my skills in a language and I've run out of exercisms. Some day I'll finish my swi-prolog take on 2015.

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Tarush Nagpal Author

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward on what you have to add! This is my first year competing and it's extremely fun! Hoping for a good rank though, messed up on my first two days.