Discussion on: 3 Things I learned transitioning from Remote to an Office

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John Bull

Great story, and glad you are finding things to like about the office life. I recently shifted to the office too, and find it much less stressful and I'm able to turn work off when I leave which is so nice. Is that some of what you experienced too?

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Lindsey Kopacz Author

yeah definitely! There's things I still miss like not being interrupted for small questions (unless it's important) and taking a quick personal call without feeling awkward. But the built in boundaries are SO freakin' nice!

I think I would like to be remote again, but right now as I am learning something new (d3) I find the ability to more easily pair very helpful! I think it would be a bit harder. When I was remote before I felt pretty solid on the material I was learning. This is why I don't necessarily recommend remote to junior devs.