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Discussion on: Vim Is The Perfect IDE

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Juan J Cadima

Thanks for sharing.
It seems that some people really get offended when their main stream Ide/editor is not named.
While vim may not be the perfect editor for everyone, it does an outstanding job when it comes to developing in linux environments, the key mappings, macros and configuration capabilities in vim makes it feel like its an extension of us developers, my IDE of choice was PHPStorm, after trying vim for a while i never went back to PHPStorm or any other IDE/Editor.
But is my view and the tech stack i work, which is different for everyone when there are so many variables in team sizes, company culture, programming languages support, etc, anyways, vim will still be beneficial in large and small teams, specially when sh*t hits the fan and all you have is a black box with a blinking cursor staring at you and no IDE.

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