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Discussion on: How Did You Find Your First Dev Job?

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Jonathan Kuhl

I started applying for jobs last May. Sent my application to a two or three companies and Revature, thinking I'd start ramping up applications as the summer months came. Especially since I was feeling intense burn out at the call center I worked at (I will never do that again) at the time.

Revature demanded a college degree in CS which I didn't have but I sent my application anyways. Suddenly a few days later I get a phone call and I'm scheduled for a technical interview in Java and OOP basics. I panic a bit, not expecting they'd actually reply to my inquiry due to my lack of a degree. And all I knew about Java at the time was a few hours worth of Treehouse courses. So I start studying up on it

I aced the interview. 4 pillars of OOP? Inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, and polymorphism, with a few sentences describing each. Finally vs final vs finalize? Yep, got that one. Abstract class vs interface? Got that one too. JRE vs JVM vs JDK? Yep, yep, and yep. Got the job and started their bootcamp in July of last year.

It was eight weeks of coding, four major projects (the last being a big group project involving the whole class in an Agile environment) then got assigned through Revature to Infosys, where I'm now awaiting assignment.