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Discussion on: What are your top ten command lines?

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Jonathan Kuhl • Edited


 165 node challenge.js
  16 cargo run
  13 python3
  12 make linkedlist
  11 ls
  11 ./linkedlist
   9 rustc
   9 python3
   8 python3 4 -3
   6 python3 rumford augusta

Not typical at all. The first one is a set of 50 javascript challenges, so that makes sense.

The second, I was learning Rust for a bit.

The linkedlist was me trying to implement a Linked List in C++, and realizing I don't know C++ well enough to do so.

Last week or so I was playng with Rust and a bit of Python, while working through a JavaScript challenge, so I guess it makes sense, but it's not typical.

It should be the five basic git commands (init, status, add, commit, push), shortcuts I've aliased for my most used directories and clear