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My coworkers and me speak about that frequently. A lot of them have the imposter syndrom whereas I stopped feeling it when I finished my studies and even then it wasn't a syndrom, I was just a beginner and I knew it. One of my first concerns when I learned of that problematic was, and still is to this day : "Am I incompetent but not aware of it ?". One series of articles I like on that subject is from Erik Dietrich when he speaks about the "expert beginner" : daedtech.com/how-developers-stop-l....

I don't know if I fall in that category but what I do to help my chances is to read a lot and speak with my peers. I try to break out of my confort zone. The general idea behind that is if I'm not competent enough for my position then I'll just get exposed and learn from the experience. That happened from time to time over the years.

I still don't have my answer, and I probably never will, but as long as I keep challenging my knowledge and beliefs then I hope that it won't matter anyway.

Edit: I forgot the reason I posted this answer in the first place :S
What practical steps would you recommand to people like me, to make sure they avoid this problem ?


thanx for the link. I love the definition of Expert Beginner.
Definetely challenging ourselves and our knowledge is the key to not fall in the Expert Beginner / DunningKrueger trap


if I'm not competent enough for my position then I'll just get exposed and learn from the experience

This was my conclusion too a few years ago. Relax. Do ones best for this day. Accept that some days your best is less good. And reserve some "best" for yourself, to learn stuff you want to learn.

I still feel like I'm just a good Googler but people keep asking me for my opinion on more and more programming stuff so I guess I must be doing something right.


The feeling of just being good googlers will never go away. :-)
but as I wrote here there is way more behind being good at googling that we usually acknowledge.

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