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Discussion on: Don’t use progress bars in your CV

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José Coelho

I think the point of the progress bars is not to show exactly how much of a technology you know (that's impossible), but rather provide an easy visualization to the recruiter of what your strengths are, compared to each other.

I actually use progress bars in my personal website and it's just a way for me to express the level of confidence I have with a technology/tool.

No serious recruiter would take progress bars literally, that said, I think it's ok to use them.

Interesting article though, thanks for bringing it up.
What alternatives would you suggest for the progress bars?

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Zoran Zlokapa

Hey man, thank you. I’ve mentioned it before. Comparing skills to each other is better, but you still have to let the reader know you’re doing that and not just put some numbers next to the bars.

For me personally years of experience and projects work best. There I can see how long you have used something and more importantly, how have you used it. Did you work on smaller and simpler projects or bigger and more complex.